After nearly 15 years in a wirehouse environment, I started my own firm to offer a better value and client experience for the households we serve. As a CFP I provide and recommend that my clients do a financial plan on an annual basis. Of our 65 households, at least half of them are actively involved in the planning process. Our target client has 1-5mm in assets and the main investment strategy we use with these clients are A share mutual funds purchased at NAV. This model generates less revenue than the more commonly used asset fee model. However, our clients are paying about 25-50 bps less on average and we believe this is better for them in the long term. Primarily, I'm interested in finding someone to help share overhead expenses and possibly support personnel. Ideally, this person would share my outlook on business and client service so that we can become true partners. I'm also interested in purchasing practices that are smaller than mine that might be the right fit. My long-term plan is to never retire (unless or until necessary due to mental or physical health problems) but to reduce my hours worked weekly to an average of 20 hours. Currently, I'm working on building a support team and continuity plan so that I can reach the 20 hours a week goal within the next 5-10 years.

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