Do you have clients who need products or services that you aren't an expert in, but you don't want another advisor talking to them? Would you like to have an experienced insurance/annuity specialist that was CONTRACTUALLY loyal to you?

I specialize in teaming with brokers, accountants, P&C agents and other professionals and I guarantee in writing that the client is yours and that my access to your client is through you. I work as your partner - not as your competitor, and I PUT IT IN WRITING!

I generally meet clients in your office, making it clear that I am an extension of your office. You are as included as you want in the process, and if we don't agree on a solution I quietly walk away and never contact your client again unless you initiate it. I discuss with your clients ONLY the products/services you have requested. You are in charge - in writing. As for compensation, some of my partners choose to share in the commissions while others do not... again it will all be in writing.

I have been a full-time advisor for 22 years, selling and servicing life insurance, annuities, and small group employee benefit programs in Pennsylvania. I Just moved to sunny FL and I am looking for professional partners who see the benefits of my unique contractually secured partnership. Many advisors do seminars or buy leads... I work with professionals like you.

I am fully insured and have never had a complaint or negative issue of any kind in my career. I hold a Series 65 license and insurance licenses in 6 states. I have always seen myself as a broker, not an agent, and a fiduciary. I am rather conservative and use only high quality insurance and investment products. I am a broker and as such I put clients first, not commissions or insurance/investment companies.

It's difficult to know everything about everything these days. And it's equally difficult to replace lost clients. Isn't it a no-brainer to have an experienced team member that you control help you to help your clients? If you agree, let's talk... I can be reached at ___-___-____ or ___ Thank you.

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