I am in my mid-thirties and I have worked at one of the big bank owned Advisory Firms for 13 years working over that period for 4 different Investment Advisors, all of whom were top performers at the Firm. I am looking to work for someone who is legitimately looking for their business' successor and a partner in the meantime.
I have put a lot of time and effort into my different positions with my current employer, and while I was hired with the current Investment Advisor with the specific intent of working together and eventually taking over, that Advisor is now getting cold feet about exiting the industry all together and forming a true partnership. I have no timeline, I am flexible for what you are looking to do and when you would want to exit your business but would need to form this relationship in writing as I have been promised too many things in interviews that have not come to fruition.
I have only ever left an Advisor at my own decision (always receive above average employee ratings) in an attempt to gain a better footing for my future. I am a very open and honest person and in each circumstance voiced my grievances with Investment Advisors numerous times before finally pulling the chord and moving on. As an example, my last move (2 years ago) I left a management/advisory hybrid position, taking a 30% pay cut, to focus more on advisory and hopefully solidify my future. This is turning into more of the same and my knowledge and talents are not being put to productive use. I sacrificed a lot for this opportunity which I believe shows that I’m not just looking for a bigger pay cheque. Unfortunately for me it is not working out as discussed.
I am extremely proficient in all aspects of the retail investment business from attentive and accurate client servicing to portfolio construction and analysis, all the way to compliance as I was registered as a Branch Manager for a few years of my employment. I generally have been speaking with high net worth clients who range from CEO's of publicly listed companies to widowers and Trust Fund kids. I am a full registered representative as well as Insurance Licensed, and am currently working toward completing the CFP designation as I believe in a holistic approach and believe a plan is a great tool to help the psyche of clients in volatile periods.
I welcome the opportunity to work with someone who is truly looking to mentor and partner with an intelligent, determined person who is eager to prove their worth in the Wealth Management industry. I feel the best way to move forward would be to meet for a candid, confidential conversation to see if there is a match.
Thank you and good luck in your search.

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