All you online sleuths. Please Please ! DO NOT REACH OUT TO MY BUSINESS EMAIL! I am building my continuity plan.

I'm old enough to start thinking what if something happens to me but not so old that I am ready to get out. As a solo office for 20 years I've built a nice little stable practice and have opportunity to grow it substantially if I align with others. With My plan being to transition out at some point 1 to 5 years. Currently 'dual' registered under a BD/RIA. 80-85% fee based. Custody at TD [Schwab post merger]

Open to discussing:
A.) partnering or joining with another advisor or firm
B.) Buying smaller practices under very Favorable terms [for you]
C.) Bringing a younger advisor under my fold whom will later acquire my practice.

I own my physical Office outright and have extra space for another advisor.

Cultural, Process, and Expertise fit for myself and clients is paramount and far more important that 'the deal'. There are many ways to align the stars. I am open minded, flexible and open to negotiation where gaps exist.

My Preference is for those whom also custody at TD or Schwab. I've been solicited and have spoken to national BD/RIA firms or OSJ Groups offering simply a BD change. I am willing to talk about a BD change BUT ONLY IN TANDEM with succession and continuity moving forward.

My clients are mostly 75% central Indiana 25% split amongst 4 states. Your clients can be anywhere with Technology today and for in person meetings I enjoy to fly privately and can travel as merited. I have been 'mostly virtual' for over 15 years before ZOOM was a thing. 35+ years experience CFP, MBA who believes in solid plan upfront, w/periodic updates is key to clients success and relationship integrity, and is the basis before any solution is implemented. I have a Very High nearly 100% retention rate. Experienced 18 years as independent [IAR}, 35 years in the industry. Complaint free and clean U-4.

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