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Marketplace Communication Platform
Marketplace Communication Platform

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Marketplace Communication Platform
Marketplace Communication Platform

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Marketplace Communication Platform

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Succession Link’s Deal Terms Calculator was created as a reference for the Succession Link community so that users could see how the amount they receive for their practice changes with the structure of the transaction. Two core components make up the deal structure; the down payment, and the term years.

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"Jason" | Anonymous Seller

Succession Link interviews Anonymous seller Jason to share his success story and the strategy he employed for selling his practice anonymously in just a few months of being a premier member of Succession Link marketplace.

Anonymous Seller Jason

Matt Cooper | Beacon Pointe Advisors

Succession Link interviews Matt Cooper from Beacon Pointe Advisors ( to discover some creative platform uses and valuable constructive feedback.

Brian Lowrance | Softwealth

Brian discusses his opinions about technology, overlooked opportunities, and how he has grown his business using the platform just a few minutes a day.

Interview with Brian Lowrance of Softwealth.
Brian Lowrance

Brian uses the Succession Link Platform to directly interface (peer to peer) with other practices that are candidates for acquisition while also discovering opportunities to work with other local advisors.

Stephen Ettinger| LPL Financial

A retiring advisor finds succession after discovering the true value of his business using the Succession Link platform

Stephen Ettinger

"I have looked for years to create a Legacy plan for my clients. I say years because as I look back, the time just seemed to slip away.

Being a financial advisor since 1987, I had various experiences. First with a “Penny Brokerage” firm known as Blind them and Rob them. It only took a month to realize that their are greedy people in this business and I quickly departed to a TSA (Tax Sheltered Annuity) house.

The TSA business was great and I accumulated over 1,000 clients in a few years. The needs of these clients were demanding, as they borrowed and withdrew from their retirement accounts as needs and wants easily overwhelmed them.

The TSA business was a great business, but not for me. I sold my “book” to the TSA house. The owner of the TSA house suggested I would be a good fit for LPL and transferred to LPL on his advice.

At LPL I was able to grow my business by becoming an OSJ and training new advisors. The OSJ was successful and I sold the OSJ to an advisor I had trained, while keeping 35 families that I enjoyed working with. Both my clients and myself grew old together. The running joke was who was going to die first, so far I was winning, as I sadly lost clients. Now, I had a smaller practice and older clients we were both concerned about the future, I needed a plan that would keep them safe. I worked alone and did not meet other like minded advisors; where do you meet them? Then I registerd with Succession Link. I had 48 hits. I guess it was like a dating site. I communicated with about 15 advisors, looked them up on Broker Check, and then sat down with 6 of them. I think I found a good fit and we are now engaged.

Thank you Succession Link, I discovered the value of my business, in your marketplace. I now think that the match concept is great and I believe I have found my new partner for my loyal clients."

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